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There’s not much to say about Rotastic. It’s the middling kind of experience we’ve accepted as “good enough” for one-dollar shopping sprees on the App Store, but while it may be accessible, the harsh truth is there’s not a whole lot here.

The game’s central mechanic – its only mechanic – comes in player’s rotation along plotted anchor points. The aim of most of the levels is to collect all the gems. This can usually be accomplished in a couple deftly maneuvered swings. Bonuses can be allotted for outlining shapes around anchor points and later levels mix things up with obstacles and minor alterations to the objectives – ranging from not running into too many obstacles over a short duration to running into a few of them.


Rotastic’s biggest selling point is in multiplayer, where several characters can race to collect diamonds and can cut each other’s ropes from the anchor points, making for some frenzied fun experiences, albeit ones which quickly become monotonous.

The presentation is half-good. In a sense, it’s all accessible and appropriately clean, but much of it is also outdone by so many flash based games. There’s still some kind of charm in Rotastic’s simple, single-minded devotion to rotational gameplay and character is crassly provided by a repetitious announcer who occasionally makes peculiar, if not amusing pop-culture references.


Simply put, Rotastic is on the wrong platform. Its casual foundations are squarely rooted in the iPhone market and it’s a shame that it has gone for the console market instead. Ultimately, this is still an abbreviated curiosity of a release which is fairly easy to pick up and play, but there’s not enough substance behind it to keep any audience’s attention for very long.

5 out of 10

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