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Infinity Blade

The land is gripped by the hand of tyranny. God-King sits upon his throne with insurmountable authority, crushing all who oppose him. Never aging, never defeated, he is believed to be immortal. One man believed he could be defeated, and to save his land and its people, headed to the castle. Battling though the Titans he was the first to ever challenge God-King face-to-face. He fought valiantly, but in the end was cast-down and slain. That man was your father.


Twenty-two years later. Handed down the armour and sword of your fallen father, you dedicate your life to avenging his death. Like history repeating itself, you head to God-King’s castle. The weather is as the tales said it was. A beautiful day, one that clashes brutally against the visceral combat and death left in your wake. The Titans prove to be challenging foes but not unconquerable. Blocking their blows with your shield, dodging their strikes, using the magic of the ring to cast them in flame, you hack them down with your sword.

Finally, you reach the being that killed your father. God-King’s power is other-worldly, formidable and dominant. You fight on and in a lucid moment strike your nemesis. God-King knocks the weapons from your hands, offering you the chance to join the empire. In a silent protest you collect your weapons. In disgust God-King blasts you to the ground with an almighty spell, leaping through the air and piercing your heart with his blade. Feeling the life-force drain from your body you make one last wish, that your son will be victorious where you were not.


Chair’s Infinity Blade is an epic tale that looks, quite frankly, ridiculously good. Advancing through the magnificent castle and its picturesque surroundings is beautiful on the eyes. The first Unreal Engine 3 title on the iPhone, it’s breathtaking to be playing a game with such visual and acoustic quality on a mobile phone. Whilst there are some occasional frame-rate issues, these are a rarity. To move you select one of the destinations highlighted and a short cut-scene is played. There is no free-roam movement and all scenes can be fast-forwarded. Doing so may result in missing some gold or a health potion that can be collected by tapping the item.

A single-player campaign stretching over many generations, the hero is controlled via simple touch controls and there are RPG-elements to the game. Experience is gained from combat and ‘maxing’ out your equipment, then levelling-up your character. Health, attack, defence and magic can all be increased. Battles are one-vs-one fights with the Titans who vary from well armoured knights to huge ogres that’ll pound you to dust. As the fights progress the music picks up, creating sweeping movements of sound that draw you in. During the final confrontation I was on the tram, grinning to myself as the music kicked in and I felt like Conan. As the story follows a long bloodline, this is essentially the same level repeated until you master the combat and slay God-King.


Tapping the bottom left or right corner will dodge in that direction, tapping the shield icon blocks and swiping the screen in the direction of an incoming attack will parry. Successfully block/dodge/parry a powerful attack and you can counter. Unleashing a fury of blows is accomplished via swiping the touch screen in the direction you want to attack. Alternating angles of blows will create combo’s that can lead to a huge strike, dealing a devastating amount of damage. The gameplay mechanics are well built and highly addictive, easy to pick up but hard to master. There are times when it doesn’t respond to commands in the way you wanted and in the midst of battle the small icons in the corners can be miss-hit or missed all together.

Chair have cleverly catered for both Western and Eastern audiences. The storyline is a suitable length for an iPhone title and allows you to use many of the magic rings, swords and armour available. Upon completing the main story, you’re allowed to grind your way up the levels, collecting more powerful items and maxing out your stats. It’s a clever move and one that works well. Action fans get an exciting blast through the story line, while RPG fans can continue to work on their character.


Visually and acoustically pleasing, easy to control and with a future update bringing a multiplayer mode, Infinity Blade is incredible. This is one iPhone game you need to have. Whatever you do, don’t skip the end credits.

Review based on version 7630.0

8 out of 10

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