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These are exciting times. Videogaming has been accepted as a mainstream form of entertainment, I’m nearing my graduation ceremony and gearing up to enter the professional workforce, and Excite Truck – the spiritual successor to the seminal 8-bit hit Excitebike – has totally overwhelmed my craving for extreme off-road rage.


Whatever souped-up monster truck you choose, you’ll be tearing up the pristine landscapes, ramming rival truckers into hazardous terrain, and launching off makeshift environmental ramps to catch some incredible air-time, snagging a boost while you’re at it to make for a grand landing at the forefront of the pack. If you’re looking for a driving simulator here, you are most definitely in the wrong place my friend.

Strewn about each massive course are a number of pick-ups that serve to juice you up with some insane power. Some alter the terrain in a myriad number of ways, from creating narrow ditches to elevating the road in front of you some thousand feet high. Another supercharges your engines so that you can blaze ahead and knock down any friend, foe or straggling tree that dares to halt you in your tracks. It’s brain dead simple, and with the intuitive tilt controls offered by the Wii-mote, driving (or crashing) your reckless Excite Truck couldn’t be any easier.


“If you’re looking for a driving simulator here, you are most definitely in the wrong place my friend”Apart from the main races and challenges, there isn’t much else to mess around with here; quite unlike most driving games which are littered with a raft of options and customisations. Excite Truck is definitely aimed towards the casual gamer who just wants to strap in and run amok. Two-player is in, but it’s a rather empty experience without any other opponents to liven up the place. It’s a shame that there isn’t any multiplayer mode, on-line or no-line, but that’s what sequels are for.

Nevertheless, Excite Truck is a damn exciting ride if you just want to let loose and allow your instincts to guide you to all manner of ridiculously out-of-this-world rough-and-tumbles. The music is rocking good, but if you’ve got better tracks in mind you have the option of loading your own ones via SD card. Whatever beats you prefer to jam to, Excite Truck is a brilliant showcase of what Wii-interactivity can do for such a simple idea. Now add in about five times as much content and beef up the crazy stunts even more so and next time Nintendo, you’ll have totally wiped the floor with road-kill.

7 out of 10

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