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Counter-Strike: Gun Game

Counter-Strike originated as a modification for the original Half-Life and spawned a legion of diehard fans that propelled Counter-Strike into mainstream PC gaming. More than 5 years after the initial release of Counter-Strike, servers across the world are still hosting games and thousands of players are still logging on and playing every single day. It’s a very impressive feat that few other games can claim. What’s even more impressive is that Counter-Strike, a mod, has been modified further. One of these modifications, Counter-Strike: Gun Game, has recently taken over my life in a way that even the original Counter-Strike never did.

Gun Game isn’t a full modification of Counter-Strike. You don’t need to download any large files to play the game, you just need to own Counter-Strike: Source and connect to a Gun Game server. Gun Game looks nearly identical on a quick inspection: two teams, terrorists and counter-terrorists, square off in a deadly battle. The graphics and sound are identical.


Review of a mod?While some people might think it’s strange that I chose to review a mod, I think that Gun Game adds an entirely new level of depth to Counter-Strike that hasn’t been seen before. It’s gameplay mechanics are unique and other online first-person shooters should follow suit.But Gun Game is fundamentally different than Counter-Strike. Counter-Strike is a slow-moving, tactical game. Gun Game is anything but. In Counter-Strike, you purchase weapons. In Gun Game, you gain access to new weapons by successfully killing an opponent. You don’t get a choice in what weapon you have. Instead, you have to earn a kill with the weapon that the game gives you. Once you get a kill with that weapon, you move on to the next weapon. The winner of the game is the person who successfully earns a kill with every weapon the game cycles through. Gun Game uses every class of weapons featured in the core Counter-Strike game, so you’ll have to earn kills with your knife, several pistols, sniper rifles, submachine guns, and even a grenade.


I enjoy Gun Game because of the cycling of weapons. Unlike Counter-Strike, you can’t simply rely on one weapon to get by. Gun Game forces you to learn how to use each weapon effectively. It sucks having to try to kill an enemy with a grenade, but you learn after countless trial-and-error sessions. It’s challenging to kill someone with a sniper rifle in Gun Game, but you learn how to aim without the scope and earn a kill. And even when you’re sucking, it’s still hopelessly addicting because you want to level up. You want to get to that one gun that you really like and nail the best guy playing. Or get that one gun that might level you up faster so you can take the lead and win the match.

I also enjoy Gun Game because the maps that you play are different than anything you’ll see in Counter-Strike. Levels come in all shapes and sizes, all user created. Most levels are simple in design, but they yield themselves well to the faster-paced gameplay than traditional Counter-Strike maps. It’s hard to describe each individual map, as every server will have their own rotation of maps. The designs aren’t particularly impressive. Most are just giant squares with a few rectangle pillars in the middle of them that can be used as cover or climbed atop for sniping. But even though they’re simple, they cater to the improvisational gameplay style that Gun Game adamantly encourages.


I’m not too great at Counter-Strike: Gun Game. In fact, after having spent countless hours playing, I have only finished in first a few times. But I am hopelessly addicted to it. I haven’t been this addicted to a game since the original EverQuest. I honestly sit in class and count down the hours until I can play again. Counter-Strike: Gun Game might not be as tactical as Counter-Strike, but it’s an entertaining and fresh twist on a classic game.

9 out of 10

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