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Chicken Shoot

Interesting Chicken Fact #1: there are more chickens in the world than any other bird.
Interesting Chicken Fact #2: chickens can become territorial and violent.
Interesting Chicken Fact #3: when you start shooting chickens for fun, perhaps you should question your sanity.

Chicken Shoot puts you in the grubby boots of one mad old hunter. Tis the time of year when the missus at home is demanding that you bring home some quality poultry, and seeing as there ain’t no butcher or supermarket anywhere near your rural residence, you decide to lock and load your faithful firearm and go searching far and wide, from the bordering forest to the Nevada desert, to engage in some fowl play and shoot ’em up yourself.


If you can imagine one of those freeware, indie shooting-gallery type games, but with chickens flying across your fixed first-person viewpoint instead of martians, ducks or whatnot, you can pretty much visualise what Chicken Shoot is all about. Shooting chickens – duh. The chickens will pull out some silly faces, or hurl a load of fresh size 7 eggs over your way to cause some splattering humiliation. But they are no match for the handguns, shotguns, sub-machine guns, and even (perhaps a tad overkill) chainguns that you brought from home. Shooting is pretty basic: you position the aiming reticule via the touch-screen while the actual shooting takes place on the top; it’s an odd set-up and lord knows why the aiming and shooting were not conducted together on a shared screen. Firing is also set to the left directional button which means that any extensive play-time for more than ten minutes is sure to give you hand cramps.

That is, if you last more than ten minutes.

No, no – Chicken Shoot isn’t the toughest thing since Battletoads *shudders*. Although it shares the same initials as some wildly popular multiplayer time-waster, this game is no better than those aforementioned shooting-gallery type games which are FREE! There is no stats tracking, no real challenge, no motive for shooting up countless birds, and most of all, it is no fun having to pay for such a waste of a DS card… but there is a DS download-and-play feature, so you can massacre some one hundred daft chicken sprites while jamming along to some country folk music with a close buddy. But be warned, for even the most ardent chicken-slaughterer of a friend will probably look down upon you for squandering his/her time with this feeble tech-demo of a game.


Chicken Shoot could have been a better production, honestly; well thought-out indie attempts such as Alien Hominid demonstrate that even a simple idea can be taken all the way to stardom. But by slapping a horde of white meat fodder onto a tacky shooting system and calling it a day, the developers have severely undercooked this dinner and given me a bad case of Campylobacter.

1 out of 10

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