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Turning Point: Fall of Liberty

Ever wondered what would have happened if Winston Churchill had died before the beginning of World War Two? In 1931 he was hit by a New York cab, an accident that could have had major consequences in years to come. Fortunately, he managed to survive the incident, but had to walk with a cane for the rest of his life. Famously, Churchill went on to inspire the British into despatching the Nazi party in what is regarded the most significant event in history by many. So what would have happened if Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich had risen into global power? In Turning Point: Fall of Liberty, Spark Unlimited ask all the “what if?” questions possible, as Nazi Germany conquers Europe and sets its sights America. With the recent demo available over Xbox Live, I sat down to see how the potentially controversial title is shaping up.


Players will assume the role of American Dan Carson, a seemingly normal guy who works in New York as a construction worker. The demo gives gamers the chance to play their way through the opening level, a heart stopping escape from an unsuspected Nazi attack on New York City. It must be said, the vision of New York coming under Nazi threat is as equally surreal as it is chilling. Alongside New York, gamers can expect to play through levels in London and Washington, which are sure to have even more nerve-tingling situations to deal with. By the end of the demo you will have escaped your fair share of close calls, as workers around you plummet to the ground from their scaffolding in an attempt to flee from the enemy.

One thing that is obvious throughout the demo is that the player takes charge of a human who is struggling for his life. This is made clear by the way in which he has to attack a parachuting Nazi with his fists in order to get his desperate hands on any weaponry possible. Once you have a gun in your hand, expect the real battle to begin as hordes of Nazi soldiers descend on your position. Expect to use a lot of upgraded and advanced Nazi weaponry, which may have never seen the light of day in the real world. This is an intriguing experience, as most of the weapons are technically accurate to the real life counterparts that never made it into mass production due to the demise of Hitler and his party after World War Two.


Throughout the game there will be a number of chances to score environmental kills, adding to the realism and struggle of the situation at hand. As the siege on New York unfolds, it becomes clear that you are not a mighty hero who will single handily eliminate the threat and win the war. You are simply trying to survive the onslaught. This looks to provide players with an emotionally involving experience, giving the game a gripping point many lack. Although this is the case, it must be said that Turning Point is beginning to look a bit like Call of Duty 4’s ugly, rebellious punk sister, something that many games can and will be described as over the next year. Still, Call of Duty 4’s graphics were superb; these are just average.

After the recent, damn right ridiculous outbursts over content in games such as Mass Effect, Turning Point will win little praise amongst those against gaming. As we all know, this industry has just as much right to tell a tale as the film industry, so Spark Unlimited should be praised for taking an alternate view on historical events. Even in the demo there are a number of extremely powerful images that are sure to shock many, as the Statue of Liberty is blown to pieces and the final image is of the White House draped in swastikas. This perspective should be relished as it offers gamers something new and exciting. Of course there will be a few people out to get this one banned, but it is totally unnecessary. Released on February 26th, Turning Point: Fall of Liberty is sure to raise a few eyebrows, and looks set to be a decent shooter amongst an exceptional market.

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