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True Crime: Streets of LA

This combination of kung fu fighting, slow motion shooting and fast car chasing might just do a better job of the GTA thing than all the other pretenders queuing up. 

When you burn rubber in a stolen car you have literally hundreds of square miles to shoot through. Seeing as the getaway took 5 years to make and had 28 square miles of amazingly accurate London, we reckon that true crime either comes on ten discs or is a slightly watered down version of LA.

Now true crime has a distinctive john woo inspiration to it so its not simply GTA in LA. When you pull out your twin calibers you can use slow-mo (or bullet time) an option over-used by almost every game since the release of Max Payne.

Recreate scenes from face-off by karate kicking your way through a Chinese restaurant and walls of muscle, shoot people from afar or break necks up close and personal, this is going to be one hell of an experience. And its yours come this summer.

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