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Starsky and Hutch

Long ago in ’75 the younger generation of the day (now the moaning old gits of our day) went ape about a cop show called Starsky and Hutch. What with Starskys now iconic red Ford Toreno (complete with go-faster stripes!) and gun-slinging, lip-licking ladies man Hutch it’s quite easy to see what the fuss was about (almost…)

Well now us youngsters can finally get a piece of 70’s action when Starsky and Hutch is released multi-format this spring. And the elders can start ranting on about how the show was better anyway. Naturally. This crime-fighting duo concentrated on combining masses of tire- squealing rubber-burning car-wrecking action with plenty of bakka-wakka guitar funk to back it all up. But lets just pass by the ‘interesting’ fashion sense shall we?

Thankfully the car handles nothing like you’d expect a 70’s muscle car to behave, leaving reality biting the dust because this baby is 100% ultra responsive (did I mention the go-faster stripes?) easy to steer and a joy to powerslide this is pure arcade action and proud of it. Whilst Starsky concentrates on the keeping the car on the road in tip-top condition, Hutch takes pot shots at the never-do-wells of Bay City, which puts you in the interesting position of doing two jobs at once.

Thankfully, driving at recklessly high speeds through heavy traffic is pretty much second nature these days (thanks to burnout 2), not to mention Hutch is a pretty good aim. Designed to mimic the TV show each individual mission is referred to as an ‘episode’, with groups of these called a ‘season’. Seeing as there are viewers viewing you’ll want to keep the action coming with plenty of stunts, nifty maneuvers and long car chases (and trying to not kill too many innocents- the public aren’t so keen on that) And to complete the deal there’s also a cool two-player experience.

Relive the show as one of you takes on the driving challenge while the other deals with shooting the bad guys. And should you have the hardware, namely a lightgun and a steering wheel, it completes the experience, so it’s well worth a look, even if you weren’t born back then. Word on the street is Starsky and Hutch will be fighting crime come March.

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