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Resident Evil Online

“Anything goes in this nightmare” – that’s what Capcom says with their announcement of the highly anticipated online gaming experience for the Resident Evil series, so stop your grinning and drop your linen. For people like yours truly who remember how shockingly good the original Resident Evil was now pushing 8 years ago, the thought of playing this beauty online is almost to much for my sweet little mind to cope with, but it’s really finally coming and it’s looking extremely fine.

Original plans to make the game for multiple consoles seem to have gone awry, and the game will only be released for the PS2, which is a feather in the cap for Sony and may even go some way to catching up with the head start Microsoft has had with it’s Xbox LIVE service.

Capcom seeks to join Resident Evil fans with other Resident Evil fans in what looks to be a game with endless possibility. You join others in a quest to escape Raccoon City alive. Work together, by yourself, or against one another to fend off the flesh-eating hordes of zombies. A virtual reality disaster zone awaits. Can you survive?

Details are scarce at the moment. Apparently the game is divided into separate scenarios, the game supports 4 of a selectable 8 online at any one time, and there is no news on the inclusion of headset support. Neither is there news of regionality; it appears Capcom is playing it’s cards close to it’s chest, although one unconfirmed source stated that the game wants to avoid the mindless chitter chatter which plagues the online FPS experiences at the moment.

The game is, however, all about survival still, more so now since the player characters are now going to be mostly ordinary people trying to survive rather than your gung-ho SWAT teams from the previous games, so expect ammo to be in short supply from the off. The environments will be familiar to everyone, though, since the majority of the game looks likely to be set in the familiar Raccoon City running in tandem with the events of Resident Evil 2.

Get the trailer from or check it out on the free DVD that comes with all the popular PS2 mags at the mo.

Welcome to the world of online survival horror…

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