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Primordia hands-on

”Once again without emotion, The Humans are dead dead dead dead dead deaarrrrrrrrr…!”

Unabashedly, this is the setting of Primordia – a post-apocalyptic wonderland where after an unknown event, all of mankind has been wiped out, land masses have gone barren, and only the robots live on. In place of a stereotypical collective of non-emotional droids, the automatons have developed into a populace of morality and beliefs. Even going as far as to remember the human race as a single entity, Man, their creator and god and in his worship the droids believe it to be their eternal duty to maintain the planet as best as possible. But not everyone shares in the values.

The story of Primordia begins with a modest robo-engineer named Horatio and his bubbly anti-grav assistant Crispin. A simple evening of maintenance goes awry when a bulky intruder breaches their makeshift home – made from the remnants of a crashed ship. The thief steals the ship’s energy core, which not only provides power throughout but enables the recharge apparatus, a needed appliance amongst all robots in order to stay alive. Getting a new energy core becomes the priority, but it’s natural for Horatio to feel a tad bitter given the laser that was burnt through his chest.


Innovation is the theme WadjetEye wishes to approach with Primordia, going as far as to expressing the subject in ways we wouldn’t normally perceive. To accomplish this, the art is bred unique and noisy in order to capture a world so foreign it’s hard to imagine that at one point mankind was part of the picture. The further you progress, the more intricate and weird – in a good way – the world unfolds, plus there are subtle hints as to what may have happened to the human race before it bit the bullet. These are the elements I’m looking forward to the most once the full tale becomes available, as I’m already curious to see how the art evolves.

Creation is revered in Primordia and the point-and-click play focuses primarily on the combining of objects. Whatever materials you collect along the way, usually 3-5 of them will eventually be merged to create one tool that will solve a predicament. In this fashion, the demo alludes that the game may be made up mostly of fetch quests so whether or not that suits your fancy all depends upon your love of the genre (and patience).


Thus far the game is trying to hold a middle ground in terms of difficulty. Hotspots and readily available hints are not accessible. Instead, Crispin, is your source of assistance but the hints shared are random and can only be procured one time per scenario. The little helper however is more appreciated for the fact that he can help you in obtaining hard to reach items due to his ability to fly and small stature, something that’s more straightforward in comparison to WadjetEye’s prior attempts for multi-character functionality in Resonance.

Primordia will be available this winter on December 5. If you love brave new worlds designed and populated by post-apocalyptic robots birthed from ‘80s metal record sleeves, this is a release you’ll want to add to your holiday list.

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