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PAX Prime 2013: The Wolf Among Us hands-on

PAX Prime 2013

The Wolf Among Us shows off Telltale’s maturation. It finds New York City awash in fairy tales and vivid color inspired by the Fables comics. There’s a sense that it’s Telltale’s chance to make a bit of art. It’s a stunning looking game in pictures and looks pretty damn fine in motion too.


Our hands on time found a roughly fifteen minute cut with regrettably little interactive. There were choice-driven conversations and strong indications of potential ramifications for our choices. And an intense quick time event, an example of that concept handled in a way that suits the design and what’s unfolding on screen.

Absolutely striking is the art style. It’s a beautifully colored game that takes advantage of the exaggeration found in the Bill Willingham comic. The provocative look perfectly suits the world’s hard-nosed yet playful caricature of New York City.

The demo centered around a small slice of Bigby’s story. It was a bit fragmented but it showed conversations unique to this experience, hinting at potential outcomes we were unable to see through in the span of the demo. We tried convincing a taxi driving toad that he needed to seek out a witch and undergo a transformation to become more human.


Although brief, our demo only inspired confidence in what’s looking to be the studios most artful title and one with a brilliant setup for them to execute on exactly what they do well. There’s so much character potential in this comic series and this is just the studio to carry that out.

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