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PAX Prime 2013: Takedown hands-on

PAX Prime 2013

Takedown’s a kind of game that no longer exists. It’s a hard-focused tactical shooter that requires a high degree of teamwork. With the advent of Kickstarter, this elusive type of experience is once again able to find an audience. In a way, it’s always been there, but now there’s a way to prove an interest for the niche.

“Red Sabre are committed to creating the authentic tactical experience”The developers at Red Sabre are committed to creating the authentic tactical experience. Earlier in the day they had a group of four marines come through and play a scenario. They executed the mission with absolute precision and proved the tactical merits of the title could be applied from real experience. And only last week, the team went to a kill house, along with a couple Kickstarter backers and received hands-on tactical experience, finding afterward those who went could perfectly translate these learned concepts into the game. This authenticity is not new to the team as the project’s lead by a marine and thoroughly carries out those values.


It’s a very hardcore setup and within the first few rounds of playing we were brought down almost immediately before learning the hard way that communication and playing as a squad were paramount. The enemies randomly spawned and there was a heightened sense of vulnerability moving through the environment. On a better run we found that it was best to use caution around every turn, coordinating every movement over voice chat.

Takedown satisfies a niche that’s been requested by a subset of PC gamers for years. It fills the void left by the absence of a new Rainbow Six and mechanically plays into all of the hardwired concepts we’ve come to expect from such a traditional shooter. The final version’s just around the corner and the team’s energy is clearly being put into serving the community that allowed their product to exist, and we can’t wait to find our tactical bearings upon the actual release.

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