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PAX Prime 2013: Peggle 2 hands-on

PAX Prime 2013

Peggle 2 is a refreshing one. That exuberant E3 announcement. Popcap’s ability to craft a simple conceit that operates on intuitive mechanics alone. It’s in the laid back, relaxed nature of the game – such a contrast to the surrounding titles at the show. It’s the ideal casual game and completely at home with being that.

Of all the games we’ve played at PAX, Peggle 2 might be the most mechanically compelling. There’s the slot machine appeal to it. One more try and maybe this next shot is lucky. It’s a fantastic, compulsive loop that keeps us playing and it’s the only casual demo we’ve played at the convention that never felt overlong or superfluous. All of the component parts matter here.


And so, months after the celebration on EA’s stage (which the representative said the team aren’t letting the guy live down), we can share in this enthusiasm ourselves. Popcap comes across as the casual team that cares, the one with all our best interests in mind. They’re kindred spirits for anyone who plays.

There is such a precise formula here that it’s risky to change much without throwing the whole thing off. The new features come through without disrupting the identity. There are now Masters with powers that play into how the bricks are laid. Mostly it provides more character and does not impact every shot. All additions are in service of what’s already there.

Peggle 2 is still Peggle – only more of it – and that’s a lovely thing.

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