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PAX Prime 2012: Lococycle

PAX Prime 2012

“We were inspired by the movie Torque.”

Early on the first day of PAX, we squeezed into a small curtained-off booth with a designer from Twisted Pixel.

You’d be forgiven for thinking they were creating a self-serious racing game from that early E3 trailer. But thankfully, they’ve made a Twisted Pixel game instead.


The premise is that a guy is being dragged behind a bike that’s gone sentient and has taken to fighting off waves of vehicles while motoring down the highway. It’s an amusing image. The poor guy is flailing and being ragged around while the bike speeds along. They told us they wanted to create fresh experiences that only they could make. I only nodded as the bike launched into the air and engaged in some airborne kung-fu against its airborne assailants, before landing and resuming down the highway.

We couldn’t get them to divulge why any of this was happening or how the man had the misfortune to be dragged along on this adventure. They said they were inspired by the seminal and cheesy biker film Torque and a designer’s nightmare spawned from a viewing of it. And that’s the impetuous for the scenario. Twisted Pixel thought up an absurd and cheesy idea and implemented it in an interesting way.

Lococycle presents a combination of Spy Hunter and something fresh. From the hands-off demo given, it became clear that they were willing to take risks and create those experiences that nobody else would. Despite the breezy two-stage demo we were given, it was an easy sell.

It’s an appealing kind of crazy that has become a sort of trademark for the developer in recent years. They gave us a wacky brand of tight platforming in Splosion Man and a hardware-defining Kinect game in The Gunstringer. Between them, there’s a penchant for loose and hilarious design decisions combined with a tight sensibility for creating the simple and fun experiences that benefit their premises in engaging and cheesy ways.

Lococycle appears to be a clear continuation of these qualities and we look forward to seeing more of it in coming months.

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