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Lost Planet 2

Bart says…

Lured with the promise of adorable plush prizes, I approached Lost Planet 2‘s demo with anticipation. Despite its flaws, I was a huge fan of the first game, and the prospect of bigger bosses and co-op battles had me a little giddy. The monster we were faced with was absolutely massive, but first, I had to remember the controls – which I didn’t at first, lobbing a grenade at Sean instead of zooming in to aim.

Sorry Sean.

Once I’d figured out what button did what, I caught up with the rest of the group. I scurried around under the behemoth boss, a giant… thing, with six legs and a glowing anus. (the plushie was cuter) I narrowly avoided being stomped on several occasions, and I felt pretty badass when I started pegging what I assume was the beast’s face with my shotgun. The whole experience felt like tacking a boss in Shadow of the Colossus, but with four players.

Sorry again for blowing you up, Sean, but you did win the plush toy in the end.


Sean says…

You should be sorry.

So far my experiences with Lost Planet have been defined by the tragic PlayStation 3 port and a supposed colleague hurling a grenade at me. Determined to not let Bart ruin this foreign series to me, I trudged forward towards the gargantuan beast known only as the ‘salamander.’

Having picked up a stray rocket launcher and taken a minute to familiarize myself with Lost Planet 2‘s flavor of controls I started propelling rockets at the creature’s ‘heat stack’ and sore knees. As he felt the pain he’d open his mouth to let the four of us know and at that point I decided it was a good idea to feed him the rockets orally. While this did inflict the desired amounts of damage, it also taught me that hulking six legged alien lizards could run much faster than I.

After being cornered a few times, trampled and generally beaten, I traded my empty rocket launcher for a shiny new shotgun. Not too long afterward my teammates were nice enough to bring the beast down, granting me access to the untold wonders found in his stomach. Unfortunately those wonders consisted of alien bugs on patrol and a pile of grotesque meat sacks, the good news was both didn’t take kindly to my shotgun and both netted me the points necessary to leap ahead in the adorable plush salamander showdown. After clearing his stomach, I thought it’d be best to travel yet deeper into the unknown but my adventure was cut short when I was crushed quite hilariously by the beast’s sphincter.

Despite Bart’s intense need to spoil my Lost Planet 2 experience, the sheer thrills of blasting the crap out of a huge alien with three friends won out. There’s nothing better than taking on something a hundred times your size and winning an adorable plushy for it.

And for the record, you’re so not sorry.


Calvin says…

As we played Lost Planet 2, the Capcom rep stood by, exuberantly animated, yelping out “jump” when we were meant to jump and pacing from screen to screen with the prize stuffed miniature replica of the boss, which he assured us was anatomically correct. He also made mention of the enormous bosses size. Said it was the smallest one in the game.

If that felt like more than just a sales pitch, then I’d be sold on Lost Planet 2. There’s further appeal found in the ease of play, in comparison to the first game, in which it wasn’t always clear as to what you had to do in a boss fight. It’s the very thing which prevented me from finishing what I felt was ultimately a very well made game, otherwise. I’ll be looking forward to Lost Planet 2, but am unable to render more than an affirmation that this segment works extremely well. So long as the rest of the game matches the quality of our demonstration, Lost Planet 2 will be an absolute blast to play cooperatively.


Skye says…

Bart can’t stand my use of inverted y-axis, but I thank my lucky stars for it, changing my controls saved me from his grenade incontinence. Like Bart, I loved the first game and I was thrilled to be playing the demo, though it had been a while. At least his little accident reminded me not to drop a grenade down my pants.

While my colleagues were busy playing with their popguns, I decided that for tackling a monster of that magnitude, I’d need something bigger. I spotted a nearby vital suit and hopped in, a chaingun of suitable size for shredding some massive kneecaps attached. After a while I ended up sitting on the salamander’s back, blasting spikes off left and right. This turned out to be a… less than brilliant idea, though, as I was shortly thrown off and my VS crushed underfoot. Oh, and me along with it.

Thankfully the field was strewn with vital suits and I was soon back in action. It didn’t seem necessary though, Sean was already deep within our opponent’s bowels with his guns set to shred, which seemed rather effective. In the end, I suspect this is why I will cry myself to sleep tonight instead of being comforted by an adorable plush salamander.

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