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Inside Pitch 2003

This year, Microsoft decided to try its hand at a little baseball. I don’t see any harm, as so far their sports titles have been quite adequate. What makes this game more attractive, is that it will be the only baseball game going LIVE this spring.

The graphics at this point still look like a hit or miss. The stadiums and fields are absolutely gorgeous, but the players, not looking as good.

The gameplay and interface of this game looks extremely better compared to Microsoft’s past sports titles. You can take a look for yourself in the trailer at

I can’t put a foot down on the sound at this point still. Action sounds such as hits, catches, and slides sound totally realistic. But who knows what will be in store in the music department.

It seems like there are a vast majority of different game modes to keep you occupied in this game. Of course there is the regular season, home run derby, etc… But don’t forget, this game is LIVE compatible. You will have the chance to swing away against other gamers from around the globe. Or be the hero, and reproduce the most impressive feats of the past season with Championship Challenges. Can you beat Nomar’s 7 RBI birthday mark? Will the All-Star game end in a tie if you have anything to do with it? Those and plenty more.

So far, this game looks like a must buy for anyone who likes baseball and is accustomed to Microsoft’s sports series. Also, if you own LIVE, you may also want to give this game a try. We’ll soon see if this game was worth waiting an extra 1-2 months for.

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