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E3 2013: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

E3 2013

Every action has a consequence. The world is a morally gray place, where good and evil are merely two sides to the same coin. The lines blur together, and the decisions you’re tasked to make may have strange and unforeseen consequences a long ways down the road.


Take, for instance, Geralt of Rivia. He is a witcher: a professional monster slayer for hire, and considering the number of monsters that populate the world, it’s a wonder if he’s ever short on work. An entire village was razed to cinder, and one man claims wraiths of legend, an army called the Wild Hunt, were the perpetrators. He is the lone survivor.

“The world is a morally gray place”Geralt comes to the town to get the information he needs, but while he’s there a dead body is discovered on the edge of town. The corpse is entangled within branches and bramble, bones broken and body bloodied and torn. Clearly there is a monster afoot. The elders of the village say that the woodland spirit should not be disturbed, but one young man is willing to get the money together for payment.

The following investigation into the forest has its own share of twists and turns. Discovery of what kind of monster stalks the village leads to the exposure of a marked woman, whose death is required if Geralt can truly kill the monster for good. For dramatic purposes, it is the woman the young man loves that is marked. He promises to take care of her as long as the witcher deals with the monster.

Returning to the village Geralt finds the Elders dead at the feet of the young man. He had used the opportunity of the monster as an excuse to take control of the village and to expand it’s borders. Three months later, everyone in it is dead at the hands of neighboring aggressors.


And while it’s hard to see what choice will lead to what consequence without walking down the path, it does reveal that there isn’t necessarily a right or wrong answer to how a witcher solves his problems. There is the choice he makes and the consequences that follow.

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