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E3 2013: Lococycle hands-on

E3 2013

They’re a bit of an odd couple: he’s an ordinary mechanic, she’s a highly trained assassin motorcycle. And yet they’ve been tossed together, by fate or accident, on an epic road trip to Indiana. They’ll have to work together to survive the trip as pressed suits and the goons that wear them are definitely not in short supply.


The majority of the game has you in control of IRIS, the super-powered cycle as you race around traps, blow up cars and engage in vehicular martial arts in the air. She lands loose at first, but it’s not long before you’re perfectly able to dart in and around the traps scattered along the highway in front of you. And you’ll need to move as quickly as possible dodging everything your enemies throw at you until you’re close enough to throw a tire at their face.

“A colorful, unique take”Combat is dictated to melee battles both in air and on ground, along with gunfights against pursuing vehicles. Within the playable demo they were separate beasts at first, and then the game began to demand more. SUV’s flew by and goons stood up, tossing incendiary grenades into the street ahead. Flying opponents swooped down, their oncoming attacks highlighted in red.

IRIS is far from defenseless. Sporting forward facing guns, she’s fully capable of mowing down anything in her path. As for the flyers, get close enough and she’ll take to the sky with kicks, punches and karate chops ready to reduce her opponents to roadkill.

All the while the mechanic, Pablo, is being dragged along, his foot caught with the motorcycle itself. It’s in the melee combat that he get’s part of his time to shine, as he has his own unique attacks to fend off the flyers. Within the demo he took center stage after a malfunction shut IRIS down in the middle of the road, perilously in the path of an oncoming semi.


It’s not a complex game, but that’s not what Twisted Pixel is about. It’s a colorful, unique take on everything from racing to combat that is fun, pure and simple.

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