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E3 2013: Dead Rising 3

Dead RisingE3 2013

If there’s a game that perfectly captures the feeling that next-gen consoles aren’t going to bring next-gen gameplay, then it’s Dead Rising 3. This was the only demo at E3 which went on too long; after ten minutes, I was bored.


“Sheer number of zombies”Dead Rising 3 isn’t meant to be a groundbreaking title, but you can’t help but feel shortchanged by its lack of ambition. This is roughly the same game as before, but with more zombies. Lots more.

In the 25 minute demo, the Capcom representative killed over 500 of the undead. I’m not joking: there’s a counter in the top left of the screen. They were chopped up with circular saws, set fire to with flaming swords and run over with cars. Over and over again.

This kind of carnage looks great for a few minutes in a press conference, but once you have to spend any time with Dead Rising 3, you realise just how tedious it’s likely to become. Some games are repetitive in a good way – Far Cry 3‘s loop of climbing watchtowers and liberating bases was great fun – but I found this to be instantly tiring.

“How tedious it’s likely to become”The sheer number of zombies is impressive and the kind of challenge that fans of the undead (myself included) should relish. But these aren’t zombies to be feared, because the game seems so unbalanced in the player’s favour. There aren’t any terrifying, seat-of-your-pants moments, just interludes before the slaughter continues.


When I saw the trailer in Microsoft’s press conference on Monday, I was genuinely excited to see more of it. I thought Dead Rising 3 would be a valuable exclusive for the platform. How wrong I was. On the evidence of what was shown in this demo, zombie fans should pay attention to the next Telltale Walking Dead episode instead.

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