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E3 2012: Pid hands-on

E3 2012

Pid is the debut title from indie developer Might and Delight. Comprised of former members of Bionic Commando: Rearmed studio Grin, Pid further expands on that title’s style of retro charm.

It’s the story of a boy who just wants to find his way home. Lost in a world of mysterious strangers, there’s a constant undertone threatening imminent danger set against the lovely aesthetics of the world.


The level we played was awash in vivid blues and carried through with an alluring color scheme. Pid’s richly conceived art and animation provides a world that’s every bit as compelling to look at as it is to interact with.

Our demo focused around one central mechanic. The character threw pellets onto structures which then sprouted into gravity beams, which propelled him through the environment and over some obstacles. While conceptually simple, as you begin to experiment with ways to best utilize the beams and where to drop them, a hidden potential for depth is found within the mechanics.


What also differentiates Pid from other indie platformers is the fluidity of the character’s movement. There’s an old school sense of precision in navigating jumps and directing the boy through the air.

Our session with Pid promised a refined and charming indie platformer with a good sense for style and finely-tuned mechanics. As Might and Delight’s first title, Pid looks to make a name for the capable indie studio sometime this Summer.

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