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E3 2011: Star Trek

E3 2011Star Trek

Hello Trekkies, I got to sit down at Digital Extreme’s presentation of Star Trek, based on the film reboot (but set within a standalone story) and is the ultimate third person co-op adventure yours could play like.

Look at Spock, now back to Kirk, now back at Spock, now back to Kirk! Sadly, these characters aren’t the digitally transposed souls of Zachary Quinto and Chris Pine, but with Star Trek’s amazingly crisp and attentive graphics, they very well should be. Look forward. Where are you? You and your best friend are making an asymmetrical, dramatic shuttle jump through the vast vacuum of space, (Swan dive!) avoiding trip mines and making your way onto an ensnared Enterprise!


Now look down, back up. Red Shirts lie slump along the Enterprise’s corridors and you need to find out who or what has caused this ruckus. What’s in your hand? Back at Kirk and Spock. They have it. It’s a fully functional, 23rd century tricorder that allows you and your partner to open double locked doors, locate enemies, and scan the environment. Listen up. What’s that you hear? Kirk and Spock are constantly engaged in colorful, well written dialogue – to bring out that levity needed to ease in non-Star Trek fans.

Look around. Where are you? You’re dashing through the Shuttle Bay, fending off an alien menace, using Kirk’s Captain-level Phaser, set to stun or kill, and Spock’s Vulcan Particle Cannon. Look at Spock. What’s he doing? He’s mind melding for the win; confusing your enemies into attacking one another while using stealth, like the Vulcan Solid Snake that he is. Wake up. What happened? You, as Kirk, have been hit with the enemy’s viral weapon and your buddy, as Spock, must carry you to safety while you blast your assailants as your vision distorts. Look up, lens flare! Where are you? You’re now lying down in Med Bay and Spock must play a mini-game to remove the infection. Look to your side. O-M-G. The attackers have found you, but you can still use your hands to shoot them down as your BFF operates on you. How do you feel? Much better. Fantastic! You can also use your tricorder to deploy Federation shields for makeshift cover, overload panels to blow up enemies, and pick up Federation rifles to fire charged shots.


So Trekkies, should you look forward to Star Trek next June, along with the sequel of the reboot film? Yes. Should you look into purchasing a second high definition monitor for the PC version’s split monitor support? Optional. Would you like a story co-written by God of War’s Marianne Krawczyk, while developing skills and opening up scenarios based on your actions? You better. Anything is possible when you and a friend boldly go where no man has gone before on the PS3, PC, or Xbox 360. I’m having multiple nerdgasms.

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