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E3 2011: Captain America: Super Soldier hands-on

E3 2011

It’s no surprise if a game based on Captain America might garner immediate skepticism, let alone the fact that it’s based on the upcoming movie. However, after taking the time to see what Cap can do on the showroom floor, I’d like to encourage our readers to keep an open mind for this upcoming action/adventure.

As I had speculated, Super Soldier plays very similar to Batman: Arkham Asylum, so for those who enjoyed that installment of the Caped Crusader, I’m sure I now have your attention. The combat system utilizes the same ‘homing strike’ design, where tapping the square button not only unleashes combos, but Rogers will automatically direct his next attack at the nearest enemy once he’s sent one to sleep. The game also signals when an enemy is about to attack, however it takes on an interesting approach to the counter system. Once you’re alerted to an incoming attack, you have the option of either blocking with your shield, with L1, to send opponents reeling from the impact, or you can press the cross button to evade. After you accomplish one of the above, you can immediately follow-up with a strike that will pack more power than usual, dealing tremendous damage.


Evading is imperative in this game as it helps avoid getting swarmed and, more importantly, helps avoid certain attacks from bosses that are unblockable. Like the Dark Knight, Cap would either dance around, or over, his foe, to gain better momentum. This is also helpful against enemies that carry shields. Grappling is a real treat and is the largest source of damage delivery whilst fighting bosses. When you have the target in your grasp, using triangle, the game immediately prompts you to mash on a given button. Successfully doing so will yield a dramatic, up close and personal attack. Failure, however, results in the enemy doing the same to you, and having to take a buttload of damage, so caution and focus is required if you want to get more hands-on.

As for traversing the environment, it’s very similar to Tomb Raider, where you’ll swing across poles and momentarily run up walls to cross large gaps. Unlike Lara, Cap has the benefit of having the game automatically direct you across so you don’t have to worry about slipping and falling, followed by excessive cussing.


As for the graphics, Super Soldier is packed solid. Steve is modeled to be a perfect duplicate of Chris Evans and other characters are modeled after their respective silver screen actors. The feeling of being in a World War environment is truly realized with its hardy architecture, accurate in portraying the era, and while you’re waiting for the game to load (which is rather quick), you can gaze at the detailed loading screen art while reading up on comic book references.

Captain America: Super Soldier should not be looked upon as another game based on a movie, or a game where you need to be a comic book fanatic to appreciate it. With its accessible combat system, fun grappling mini-game, and lush cinematics, this is sure to be an experience that gamers should give a shot. AMERICA!!

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