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Shoot from the Lip: Leave the blasted thing alone!

Why is it now the trendy thing to release multiple versions of the same console with minimal price differences? £300 for a PS3 with two less USB ports, no card reader and no access to the entire PS2 games catalogue? Or £50 extra to have all those things, plus a larger hard drive? I think I know where my vote is going.

£170 for a “Core” (read: limited) Xbox 360, featuring no hard drive, wired controllers and no Live headset, OR, £250 for a Premium (read: moderated) console complete with a hard drive, wireless controllers and a Live headset, OR, £300 for a hard drive six times the size of the previous bundle, HDMI support and a high-definition cable in the Elite (read: full cream) edition. For the £130 difference between the packages, why the hell would any numpty in his right mind choose anything else than the best package available? £130 is a lot of money, I know that, but if you’re willing to enter the market where games are costing £50 a pop, it makes sense to save/borrow what you need to get fully kitted out.

Why on earth do we need more than one console package? What the hell does this mean to developers, who, for the Xbox 360, now have to cater for 3 sets of gamers, when surely the initial pull factor of consoles over PC’s is knowing your limits when programming? Because now games that are released can take into account the 120GB hard drive of the Elite and high definition graphics, they also have to to be weary of Joe Bloggs and his bullshit IQ that bought the entry level system, because if they go and release a patch to fix their game, or extra downloadable content, they’d have to find a way that these idiots can still get the same enjoyment out of their product, despite owning an inferior setup.

Ok, so it’s unfair to call Joe Bloggs an idiot. The real idiots are those behind the decision to release two or three different hardware packages to really confuse everyone. Both Microsoft and Sony should have given us the best, most tip top, full fat with cream, Billy-big-bollocks machine that they could have mustered whilst still being within a decent price range – give us the 120GB hard drive as standard! And HD as well! Why on earth would I piss about with a 32MB memory unit when I can be downloading expensive video after expensive video, pointless expensive theme after pointless expensive theme and moronic picture pack after moronic picture pack on my huge hard drive?

What do you mean “I may not use it”? Of course I’m going to use these extra features, you’ll be giving me things to use them with! Downloadable HD films, expansion packs, arcade games, themes, pictures, developer walkthroughs, fanfare, you name it! There’s little to no point in releasing a console with limited extra’s when you’ve got a video marketplace stacked to the ceiling full of stuff that entry-level buyers CANNOT utilise!

I feel as if my intelligence has been insulted, like I’ve been told that I may or may not know how to buy a HDTV or download a demo from Xbox Live and therefore shouldn’t be given the features. How dare you.

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