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Xbox Live Indie Games Nook: August 2011

You could call this month’s lineup of Xbox Live Indie Games the calm before the storm that is the Summer Uprising. You could call it the refractory period that follows anything as impressive as last month’s selection. You could call it whatever you’d like, but we call it Nook. This article has not been reviewed by Microsoft or a ratings board.

Top picks


Much like the recent PSN release of FMV title Fast Draw Showdown, QuickDraw – as the title indicates – is focused on gun-slinging showdowns. Where QuickDraw holds a clear advantage is in the clean, attractive cartoon art style, a keen focus on Quick Time Events, and not to mention the $9 price difference. It shows solid potential for developer GZ Storm and while the only variations come in the ways which each shootout is signaled, there’s a prominent aesthetic value here that stands out as significant, begging to be attached to some more elaborate game mechanics.


Monsters Shoot’n Monsters

Functionally a neon-infused twin stick shooter with an emphasis on geometric warfare, Monsters Shoot’n Monsters feels readily familiar. Featuring an avatar bearing resemblance to a turtle with two heads on each side and a lasso feature that pulls and tosses away enemies, the title is reminiscent to Geometry Wars. That’s mostly a compliment, as the game plays nearly as smoothly and has a vibrant, colorful look about it. Progression is handled by defined levels, as opposed to waves, and there’s a competent quality to the inoffensive aesthetics and general feel to the game which keep Monsters Shoot’n Monsters afloat.


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