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The Dreamcast Games of 2013

The Dreamcast looks to have another strong year ahead, inspired by the passion and absolute dedication of its dev community. Emerging trends such as crowd-funding have given the console a sure boost and point towards a bright future of support. For the remainder of the year, there’s still plenty of quality ahead, and it looks to be the year’s console of choice for shmups.

ReDux: Dark Matters

Dux, again. The developers of Gun Lord have found Kickstarter. And a budget. Impressively, they also doubled their starting goal over the course of the drive. This is a remake of Dux and Dux 1.5. Safe to say ReDux contains all of the Dux. Features sounds made by acclaimed Turrican composer Chris Huelsbeck.

Pier Solar

Pier Solar is a hefty 16-bit RPG that’s also done very well for itself on Kickstarter and is now coming to all modern platforms. It was previously released on the Genesis and looks like a solid RPG in the traditional style. It’s an inspiring thing seeing these titles find their way to funding in spite of what the market demands, providing a new hope for Dreamcast projects on Kickstarter.


NG Dev Team are a homebrew developer that are clearly in it for the craft. They make very specific arcade-perfect titles for both the NeoGeo and Dreamcast. The platform choice tells us everything we need to know and we’re already there.

The Ghost Blade

A freshly announced Dreamcast shmup from ReDux Game’s secondary team. They’re promising a caravan shooter with elaborate scoring systems, online scoreboards, and more.


Now six years in development, Sturmwind is a promising shmup that’s shown steady improvement with every reveal. We look forward to seeing all their hard work finally coming to fruition.

Dynamite Dreams

A project that’s come back into development after a long break, Dynamite Dreams is a hasty Bomberman clone that can be played on the VMU. It supports multi across four VMUs at once. That’s three more screens than is currently possible on the Wii U. The Dreamcast remains ahead of its time, and ours.

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