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So, which console should I get?

So, now you’ve seen what each console is like, it’s time to decide.

If you want your console as a multimedia machine, to play games, movies and music on, then you should choose the Xbox or the PlayStation 2. They both play games, DVDs and CDs.

For younger gamers, the GameCube is a good bet, and will occupy you for hours. It’s got a variety of games for the younger audience, and the controller is optimised for those with small hands.

If you want a wide range of quality software, then the PlayStation 2 is the console to get. There’s great games like The Getaway, GTA: Vice City, Metal Gear Solid 2, Ratchet and Clank and Final Fantasy to play through.

For future potential, value-for- money and online play, the Xbox is a must-have. A great online plan and the power to play the latest games completes the package.

I won’t name the ‘best’ console, because each appeals to different audiences and has different advantages and disadvantages. Whichever console your buy is your decision to make. As they say, “The choice is yours”.

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