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So, which console should I get?

Launched in 2000, Sony’s PlayStation is the current sales leader, with over 40 million sold worldwide. It’s getting a little bit old now, but it remains in the top spot because of the games available.

There’s something for everyone, ranging from Ace Combat to Artic Thunder, G1 Jockey to Grand Theft Auto. Sony relies on its games to keep the PlayStation 2 ahead of the competition.

The controller is very good; just the right size, and works well in all types of games. The console itself can sit vertically or horizontally (as shown). There’s 2 USB ports and an iLink port on the front for extra peripherals, such as keyboards and webcams.

It’s the least powerful of the three consoles, not too far behind the GameCube. A 294MHz processor powers the PS2, and it’s got 32MB RAM and the ‘Emotion Engine’ graphics card. This is enough to run graphically ambitious games, such as Metal Gear Solid, The Getaway and Gran Turismo.

As far as cost is concerned, the PlayStation 2 isn’t the best value-for- money, but the games you can play on the PS2 are worth the price of the console.

The online adapter has just been released in North America, and will be available in Europe in the Spring. It’s not as good as Microsoft’s online plan, but it does offer a fantastic online experience, with flagship games like SOCOM: US Navy Seals.

The PlayStation 2 also plays DVDs and CDs without any add-on required.

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