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PAX 08: Thunderbolt interviews Scott Foe of Reset Generation

InterviewPAX 2008

Bart Robson: Thanks for taking this interview with us. Reset Generation has a sort of parody/satire look to it. What was the inspiration behind this?


Scott Foe: Well, it’s a video game about video games – ever since I was a kid, I’ve wanted to see a plumber fight a hedgehog – who wouldn’t? I mean, part of the inspiration was Kill Bill. It’s one of the greatest homages ever, but it works on its own; if you know everything there is to know about kung-fu movies, you can spot every little thing… if you don’t know anything, you can still see it as a good movie.

B.R.: And what was the inspiration for the puzzle format?

S.F.: Well, with the N-Gage platform, with mobiles – you have a seven second latency. It’s not something you notice in the game, but it means that you couldn’t do something fast paced like a shooter or anything. With the turn based model, we kind of eliminate that problem.


B.R.: Who’s idea was it to make it available for free, and releasing the assets and such?

S.F.: That would be me.

B.R.: How has this business model worked for Reset Generation?

S.F.: It’s worked very well for us. I mean, it’s all about exposure; I’m not going to lie, it’s branding for the N Gage. It’s sold great on the platform because of the exposure.

B.R.: Do you think this model would work for bigger games?

S.F.: It depends on the game, really. It’s like, in retail, you have two weeks to sell your game and then you’re done; they throw you in the bargain bin. When the game is available for free online, – you can point at it and say look at this, this is a great game. The look of the game, the 2D art that we went for, it’s timeless, because good 2D art will always be good 2D art, unlike, you know, 3D work that’s outdone in two years.


B.R.: The art is a big part of Reset Generation – all the art was done by different famous concept artists. What’s your favorite piece?

S.F.: Oh… that’s not fair! Um… Darrell Bowen, the guy who does art for Animaniacs and The Simpsons designed the plumber. He got appendicitis, and while he was in the hospital I was getting emails from him like “I’m still delivering this! I’m still delivering this!” [laughs]

B.R.: So now that the game is out and online, do you have any plans for a sequel, or a new project?

S.F.: We’re pretty much done with it. It’s a standalone experience. We don’t want to mess with it; it’s like “this is a perfect game.” That’s why there’s no plan for downloadable content. However, we’ve created a pretty rich world to draw ideas from. Other games set in the same universe are a definite possibility.


B.R.: Thanks for taking the time to talk with us.

S.F.: Oh, no, thank you!

Scott Foe is the Senior Creator/Producer of Reset Generation, available for the N Gage media platform now, or free to try on their website.

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