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Halloween Theme Week

Following our third and final part to the ‘90s Theme Week trilogy, we’ll be exploring the murky and yet often rewarding waters of the horror genre.

Horror has always been present throughout the history of videogames, whether through the atmosphere of early point’n’click titles such as Manic Mansion or adventure games that pushed technological boundaries like Alone in the Dark.

The inherent interaction that the medium demands can work to heighten suspense and bring the audience into the virtual reality of what is happening. The panic from a monstrosity appearing from nowhere and chasing your helpless character down a corridor outweighs the textbook cat-in-the-cupboard jumps and turned-up-to-11 violin screeches of cheap cinema. Whilst the genre comes and goes with popularity it’s still very much alive, you just have to look for it. Should you dare.

To celebrate all that is wonderful with the horror genre, we’ll be following two teenagers out to save their neighbourhood from a zombie attack, taking a tour of an old mansion, repeatedly dying in vain, and more, all for your reading pleasure. Check back for new articles everyday as part of our Halloween theme week.

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