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GameDamage – The Man in the Middle

We love our television here at Thunderbolt, and we’re rather fond on videogames too. So what could be better than a television show about videogames? GameDamage launched with a pilot episode on December 15th last year, and after our damning opinion on the show, we managed to catch up with one of the presenters, Yug, for a debrief and chat as to where the venture is heading.

Every gamer worth his or her salt knows who Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw is; What is your own background, how did you come to meet Ben and how did the show start off?

I met Yahtzee at a THQ Studio Australia party here in Brisbane, Australia – we actually did an interview with him a few months before that so I had something to talk to him about. A few weeks later, I dragged him out to a few parties and nightclubs, and what can I say – booze brings people together. Since then we’ve been good friends, with myself, Matt and Yahtzee all living in the same apartment complex now.

How’s the sponsorship coming along? Any takers at this stage?

We’ve had quite a few bites, as well as contacting networks ourselves – which was the whole point of putting the pilot online. What we want is to be able to get the show up on a major network as well as providing the show – in its full or shorter version – through an online network. Trust me, we want to get more episodes happening just as much as anyone!


There’s been plenty of feedback based on the pilot episode; what things, if any, do you think will be changed or altered for future recordings?

Oh there has been HEAPS of feedback – and we’ve taken the time to pretty much read ALL of it. Most of the issues raised with the pilot were problems we knew about before it went up online – some elements including production quality and makeup will be fixed with an actual budget – other elements such as the personalities and how we interact with each other I feel will come through in future shows. We know we work well together – just have a listen to any of the podcasts the 3 of us do on – the trick is filming and editing, something that was limited due to technical limitations in the studio. For example, there shouldn’t be shots of Yahtzee staring deadpan into the camera, but we HAD to use them because we were switching camera angles on the fly because of the green screen background logo.

Does Yahtzee ever smile?

Yes, but it’s a frightening sight – small children start to cry just at the thought of it.

What kind of game would melt Yahtzee’s heart?

Anything by Valve … but surely everyone has a pretty damn good idea of what games he likes by now – he’s been bitching about games online for over a year now!

Finally, what’s the ambition behind GameDamage? What do you want it to become, or rather, what don’t you want it to be known for?

We want it to become an honest video game entertainment show. The kind of show gamers are proud of, and one that’s entertaining to non-gamers as well – I would love for people to eventually call GameDamage ‘Top Gear for Gaming’, because ultimately that’s exactly what we’re aiming for.

And on that bombshell, it’s time to end.

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