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Game Of The Year Award 2002 – Second Place

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City – PlayStation 2

Yes, second place. So, so near, but not the game of the year. Surprised? Well many would argue that this should win it, but lets get onto that later.

GTA:VC is a fantastic game. In terms of pushing the limits, we have to congratulate Rockstar. It’s amazing what you can do in Vice City, and it’s an example to all game developers. It’s one of the most stylish, expansive and addictive game on any console to date, with seemingly unlimited gameplay. It doesn’t just blur the boundaries of what can be done with a game, it decimates them. Each individual element, each detail, creates an immersive atmosphere and shows the quality of workmanship which makes Vice City so good. There is no reason (apart from the age restriction) why you shouldn’t have this game. You’ll play on it for months, each day, finding a new feature, a new detail.

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