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Extra Life 2011

Starting bright and early tomorrow, Saturday, October 15th, we’ll embark on our first year participating in the Extra Life charity gaming marathon – “we” being Deputy Editor, Matt Wadleigh and I, Associate Editor, Sean Kelley. About a month ago Matt broached the idea of the marathon, something I had heard of in passing but really knew nothing about. We discussed the idea, briefly, and then almost immediately signed up.

As gamers we often live within our own bubble, whoring ourselves to earn Achievements and Trophies, spending hours upon hours wandering post-apocalyptic wastelands, preferring our human-to-human contact to occur mostly through a headset. Extra Life is a chance to do what we normally do, but to benefit those outside our bubbles. We get to game with friends or strangers whenever we want, but this a real opportunity to do what we enjoy doing and do it for a worthwhile cause.


So far our Extra Life team, or duo more specifically, has raised nearly $500 – all of which will be donated to the Doernbecher Children’s Hospital, in Portland, OR, where the two of us are based. These donations came from an extraordinary group of family, friends and many acquaintances who share Thunderbolt with us, and we are truly thankful for their selfless donations. Times are tough these days, but it makes us feel warm inside that so many people were able to spare some of their hard-earned dollars to support a very worthy cause. In fact, with a day to go before the marathon begins, it’s not too late to donate, should you desire.

As this is for children, we’ve decided to play games exclusively about KILLING! What will we be killing you ask?

What’s on tap

We have a huge backlog of games that we’ll be looking to play. First off, we absolutely want to finish off Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light, a game we started playing co-op months ago and never got back to. Next, we’re going to dive into Portal 2, a game we’ve both intended on playing ourselves and have failed to get around to. I’ve never played the original Halo, or any other Halo for that matter, so we’re going to load that up on Matt’s Xbox and play the ‘classic’ – I’m skeptical. We’ll take a break from all the cooperation for a little bit of competition in one of our recent favorites, Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes. There are also a handful of PSN games we’ll be looking to break into: Sideway: New York; Okabu; and Outland are all distinct possibilities.


But we’ll also be branching off to play some singleplayer stuff, too. Matt is woefully behind on a couple of reviews we know you’re dying to read, so he’ll be dabbling into Dead Rising 2: Off the Record, The Magic School Bus: Oceans and some other titles that we just can’t talk about. As for me, I’ll sink my teeth into an evil playthrough of inFamous 2, EDGE, perhaps a dip into Darksiders and maybe, just maybe, some Alpha Protocol.

Last, I ran out to Subway a week ago to grab one of the Uncharted 3 multiplayer keys, so you can expect the two of us to monkey around at some point. And, expect us to play something truly awful. We can’t just have fun.

Oh, and there will be a Sega Genesis!

How to follow along

Now that you know what we’ll be up to, I’m sure you’re wondering how you can follow along – how could you not want to watch two twenty-somethings play video games for 24 straight hours?

You can catch the live stream of the event over on UStream, and get an inside view of Matt’s living room. Hopefully he vacuums.


In addition to our stream, both of us will be tweeting through our Twitter accounts. Follow Matt (@asherdeus) and I (@_SeanKelley) to hear our moment-to-moment thoughts – or smack talk.

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