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Event: Play Expo 2012

Play Expo 2012

Next month, Play Expo 2012 is coming to Manchester, following its prior residency in Blackpool, to present a showcase of the latest products from the video game industry, streamed competitive events and a celebration of retro gaming.

Having grown up in the seaside town of Blackpool – a place that could be described as Liberia on a bad day – I can confirm this move was a sensible idea. They’ve also linked up with Manchester’s gaming bar Kyoto Bar, who were previously interviewed by Thunderbolt Games in regards to the growing social element of gaming.

With my US counterparts having had the opportunities to visit E3 and PAX Prime it’s reassuring to see events such as this grow in size and demand throughout the UK. Last year Pete Worth, Oliver Banham and I covered twenty titles at Eurogamer Expo and it was a worthwhile experience. Not only do we get to play test titles prior to release but we also get to share the experience with our readers, providing fair and informed opinions on what to expect.


Play Expo 2012 is taking place at Event City on the 13-14th October 2012. We’re hoping to attend and check out the latest games, bringing you previews of end of the year titles and a pre-launch look at the Wii U and its early catalogue. Confirmed titles on the floor for Nintendo’s new system will include Super Mario U and Ubisoft’s exclusive horror FPS ZombiU, with EA, Konami and Bandai Namco also to be in attendance.

And thanks to the origins of the event we’ll be delving head-first into the area to uncover some forgotten retro gems.

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