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E3 2012: Sony press conference LIVE

E3 2012

Last one of the day! We’re at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum this evening for Sony’s press conference. The event starts at 6pm PST / 2am GMT (the next day).

We’ll be posting updates in the live blogging window below. You can also use it to post your thoughts and ask us questions, which we’ll try to answer as soon as possible. The window updates automatically, so there‚Äôs no need to reload the page.

Disclaimer: with this event, we have a conflict of interest. At the company I work for, Foolproof, Sony are a client of ours and I work on a number of projects with the PlayStation team. As a result, I can’t offer impartial commentary and analysis during the event. I will do my best to capture the atmosphere and of course, you can contribute your comments (I’ll gladly publish those, regardless of how positive or negative they are). Thanks for understanding!

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