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’90s Theme Week II: The ’90s Strike Back

Welcome all, to our second theme week looking back at video games in the nineties. Last time we reminisced on previous gaming years and what they meant to us. Stories of what it took for us to afford the PlayStation or Sega Saturn were told, and many of our favourite genre titles were revisited. This time, however, we’ll be digging deeper into the sands of time, unearthing titles that meant a lot to us, and some that you may have never heard of.

Like film, our fond memories of video games we played as youngsters are often shattered when we go back and play them again. Sluggish controls, awful hit detection, the low pixel counts stinging our eyes, it makes us realise how far gaming has come. But there are still some titles that hold their ground now; stubbornly displaying everlasting evidence that imagination can conquer even the most irritating of gaming sins.


Robots fighting, Arnold Schwarzenegger, rally driving, a haunted mansion and more await over the next seven days. We hope you enjoy this as much as last time – and remember to let us know what you thought of these titles.

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