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’90s Theme Week I: A New Hope

The ‘90s was a time that many of us were around for, whether working, going through school or being born. It was an odd time when everything seemed a characterture of itself in hindsight, from the violence and spin-off movies of Mortal Kombat, to the ‘girl power’ of pop group Spice Girls, the dance scene of the Hacienda and backwards jeans wearing of Kriss Kross. There’s no doubt that we all have a few photos of ourselves from that time we’d all like permanently removed from the Earth. And yet it holds so many memories for those of us that used those long summer days to sit inside with the curtains closed, a controller in our hands.


Over the next week, we’ll be publishing a range of articles looking back at this generation. Reminiscing on the years of gaming that we remember, looking back at titles that hold a special place in our hearts and rediscovering video games that have been long forgotten.

Were you one of the few people that played Diggers on the Amiga CD32, or one of the dozen that bought a Virtual Boy? We hope that you’ll find something here that’ll open the floodgates to your gaming memories of yesteryear.


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