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5 Dreamcast titles that need to go next gen

I’m sure that I’m not the only gamer who grew up on a Dreamcast that thinks SEGA’s latest software offerings are nothing short than a bunch of arse. Yet more Sonic games with a slight twist or arcade games without any depth – forget this crap and go back to your roots, guys!

The following is a list this user would quite happily take a hit for the team to get re-released;

5. Crazy Taxi


Fast, frantic and fun. That’s C-C-C-CRAZY TAXI! summed up. Forget the needless addition of the crazy hop and the lacklustre cities introduced in sequels, just give us a spruced up next-gen version of the favourable Arcade title. This game would benefit enormously from online play – imagine 8 or so players starting at random points in the city with a 15 minute time limit, trying to beat eachother for fares. Gameplay centred around narrowly squeezing through gaps in traffic and avoiding collisions by the skin of your teeth – perfect fodder for the online community.

4.ChuChu Rocket


A game centred around quick navigating of the board – so what could be better than the Nintendo DS or Wii? Chu Chu Rocket is a title suited more than most to a stylus or pointer. There’s not much to change here, the puzzle and challenge modes are still as baffling as ever and the Dreamcast version sorely lacks its now defunct online mode.

Each battle had players assigning three arrows on the board to try and direct mice into their rockets – but watch out for cats! Eating one of these suckers cost you a third of your haul, and much of the fun was swapping from mice collecting to cat baiting, trying to direct the munching fur-balls into your opponents rocket. Random mice with question marks above their heads changed the rules of the game; MouseMania meant three times as many mice coming onto the board, CatMania was devilish fun and fast or slow varieties changed game plans enourmously.

3. Sonic Adventure


The Dreamcast’s 3D Sonic title sold many consoles off its own back as players navigated the world with the entire cast of the crew. Within each world were enemies that, once broken, revealed their animal occupants. Collecting these and giving them to the curiously addictive Chao mini game let it take on their traits as you trained your little Chao to be the best in the business. Utterly bizarre on paper and in writing, but seeing them take their first steps had many a Dreamcaster shedding the odd tear.

2. Power Stone


Another frantic title, Powerstone pitted 4 characters together in battle against an ever changing backdrop. Half the time was spent trying to keep in the screen as locations moved on, whilst you dodged enemy attacks and ripped up the level in search of more powerful weapons. 4 players, and no online mode makes this the ideal candidate for a next-gen spruce up.

1. Shenmue


Please, God, wrap this series up! I’d love to see the first two games lovingly re-released in full next-gen splendour, and then tie the developers to their desks until they conclude the series with a third instalment. To have owned a Dreamcast and never played Shenmue would be like owning a Ferrari and never going above 30mph; an epic tale of a young martial arts student avenging his father’s death, with a fully interactive town and side quests with which to explore and uncover. The sequel took a while to settle into, but the original was just magical in its day. There are times in videogames when something comes along that you just didn’t think were possible, a little like when GTAIII burst onto the scene.

So there you have it – 5 titles SEGA need to bog down on and re-release instead of giving us this tripe that we’ve had to endure over the last 18 or so months.

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