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Xbox sequel named…


Circulating reports in the US are suggesting that Microsoft’s second games console, Xbox 2, will go by the rather enticing name of ‘Xbox Next’. Supporting evidence comes in the shape of the URL, which has apparently been registered by Microsoft.

While the name claim might simply be a very wild stab in the dark, be in no doubt that Microsoft will most definitely deliver an Xbox 2. Bill Gates’s company has gone on the record several times to say that it will pre- empt Sony and the release of PlayStation 3 (rumoured to be in 2005) with its next Xbox console.

Xbox 2’s name hasn’t been the only Xbox-related nugget to come under the beady, speculative eye of information gatherers. Further reports are claiming that Microsoft is looking to release a “shrunk-down” version of its first console, possibly this year. This happened to the PlayStation, when the smaller PSone was released.

Sadly, Microsoft was unavailable for comment on the Xbox 2 moniker or smaller Xbox.

One certainty, a fact is that Microsoft will be releasing a re-jacketed Xbox in 2003 to retail alongside the original console. This re-jacketed affair will see the current black bodywork ditched in favour of a translucent green casing for both machine and controller.

More info when we have it.

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