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Xbox price slash rumours emerge

Speculation emerged today suggesting that Microsoft is about to cut the price of Xbox to £99 by the end of the summer.

Sources suggest that Microsoft intends to launch Xbox 2 for next Christmas and so plan to the current generation of hardward as hard as possible this year end, placing Sony under considerable pressure since its next-gen platform is not expected until 2006.

If Microsoft does do this, it will put Sony under consideable pressure to act, especially as the manufacturer has so far refused to follow up the recent American PS2 price-cut with a similar reduction in Europe. However, plans for a PS2 price slash are being rumoured for around September time.

Microsoft itself moved quickly to downplay the price cut rumours, issuing the following:

“We have made no announcements regarding a price drop for Xbox in Europe. We are very happy with where we are in Europe – we are a strong number two in the industry, have innovated and succeeded with Xbox Live, and have a fantastic lineup of titles on the way like Doom III, Forza, Full Spectrum Warrior, Fable and of course Halo 2. We’re well positioned for a strong 2004.”

More news on this soon enough.

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