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Xbox One: Sony forced Microsoft’s hand

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A new article by VG247 has argued that it was not pressure from would-be consumers unhappy with Microsoft’s policies that forced yesterday’s u-turn, but instead its foundation came from the anxiety of Sony doing the unexpected at E3.

For those unaware, Sony took the time on stage at E3 to proclaim its standpoint on used games with crystal clarity. Jack Tretton, President and CEO of SCEA, announced it would support the lending and resale of games in exactly the same manner as the PlayStation 3. There was applause from the audience. Microsoft had earlier made no attempt to clarify their stance on stage.

In the article, Patrick Garratt writes that after the press conference, “I bumped into a senior developer on the Microsoft booth. The conversation immediately swung to the previous evening, and, thanks to the feverish reception of Sony’s performance, I was told of turmoil among the developers and publishers assembled in LA. Those that had sided with Microsoft were doing more than wobbling, he said. They were seriously questioning whether or not they’d backed the appropriate horse and were making instant moves to better engage with Sony.”

On Giant Bombcast (episode 06-18-2013), Patrick Klepek, who would later break MS’ policy shift along with What Hi-Fi, said that “Sony did not have the technology built to support what Microsoft was doing with what first party’s wanted…that is fact”, when explaining why Sony made the announcements they did at E3.

This information helps us to garner what was happening behind the scenes. Sony didn’t have the infrastructure in place. Due to this they kept policy the same. It was their joker in the pack. They played it. And Sony won the crowd. A choice became available and consumers began to vote with their wallets.

A digital future is coming. Microsoft tried to make it happen. Sony’s plan is to let it happen.

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