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Xbox One: Changes will cut ‘family sharing’

Xbox One: Microsoft drops 24 hour online check-in

Due to these changes the planned ‘family sharing’ has been cut. Though it was never fully confirmed what this would entail, here’s what we did know regarding the family plan:

Phil Spencer, Microsoft’s head of Xbox game development said in a Kotaku interview, “In a family group, the head of household can always play any game; and one other member of the family, no matter where they are, can play too.”

One scenario this suggests is that it’d be one key Gold account, with up to ten sub accounts underneath. This account would be in the ‘cloud’ and therefore accessible from any console. The main account holder could do whatever they wanted. An additional one person, whom would have an attached account, could log in and play any game from that library too. It will not have been ten people going bonkers with a truck load of games.

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