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Xbox LIVE downloadable content coming soon

Today Microsoft have confirmed two sets of downloadable content to be released via Xbox LIVE.

New MechAssault content will be available for download this Thursday, February 20. The extra content will include two new multiplayer maps, Hell’s Kitchen and Stone Cold, and two new mechs, the raven and the corvus, both of which are designed for speed. “We’d like to thank all of the MechAssault fans out there for their enthusiasm and patience,” said Mitch Gitelman, program manager for MechAssault.

A new Splinter Cell mission will be available on March 14th, the same day that Xbox Live is officially launched in Europe. Michel Cassius, the European Director of Xbox Platform, said: “This new content will extend the life of the game, adding more hours of playtime and more stealthy thrills and action. It’s an excellent example of what Xbox Live gamers can expect going forward.”

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