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Xbox 360 spring dashboard update details

There’s been a release of sneak peek material that will/should be included in next month’s Xbox 360 dashboard update.

Spring update info confirmed in the sneak peak:

  • The update is due on May 7th.
  • Marketplace gets it’s own Blade on the Dashboard and content is re-organised.
  • Marketplace Blade is skinned automatically by MS depending on season/promotion etc.
  • Text chat with MSN Messenger friends, with voice chat in the works.
  • Ability to chat with up to six friends while playing games or watching movies.
  • Up to 600 Messenger contacts can be added to your friends list.
  • ‘Achievement unlocked’ notification now tells you which achievement you unlocked and the # of points, instead of you having to press the Guide button to find out this info.
  • Tell friends what achievements you got in a game by sending a message via ‘Tell a Friend’ in the games list.
  • New sorting features for friends (due to larger list).
  • Low-power mode for downloading Marketplace content overnight.
  • Auto-shutdown feature added (once downloads are finished).
  • You can watch partially downloaded video files.


Previously discussed Spring update features:

  • Dashboard will display the name of the game currently in your 360.
  • Added support for PC or “video” levels for VGA output.

Rumoured features:

  • Spring Update will “unbind” content from the console it was purchased on, allowing your profile to play the content you paid for any time on any console without you having to be signed into Xbox Live.

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