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World of Warcraft UK Launch Day Disaster

One of the most eagerly awaited Online RPG’s saw its reputation severely tarnished today as the launch of Blizzard Entertainments World of Warcraft in the U.K. was beset by a myriad of problems.

Customers having purchased and installed the game needed only to create an account before they could begin adventuring in the mystical land of Azeroth. Unfortunately for them only a few hours after opening, the account creation pages were shut down due to “problems” and no information was forthcoming about when they would be back up again.

Dialling the premium rate customer service number also proved futile as their switchboard was jammed and therefore no new calls would be accepted into the queue. Those who had managed to sign up and join the game before the collapse of the account creation system were also experiencing difficulties, with long queues forming to access the servers leaving people with waits of up to an hour to rejoin the game.

This mess is especially baffling as an extensive Beta testing phase as well as pre-order campaign had given Blizzard plenty of warning as to how many people would be wanting to play across Europe. It seems Blizzard learned nothing from similar problems during the launch of the US version late last year and a superb game is in danger of having its image soured by inept PR and business management.

Details of World of Warcraft Europe’s current status can be found at their Official News Pages here.

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