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Will the next group filing a complaint against GTA please stand upÖ

Thatís right, yet another group of narrow-minded individuals are having a pot shot at the crime sim, this time the Haitians. Activists from the Haitian Centers Council featured on a section called ëShame On Youí, aired on CBS. Accusing Rockstar of ìcashing in on racism and violenceî, director Dr Henry Frank brought forward the outrage in certain circles after hearing a line of dialog from the game that runs: ìI hate those haitians. Weíll take them out, weíll take those Haitians downî.

With the council furious about the slur, Dr Frank said ìTo kill the Haitians like beasts, like nothing, you are attacking our self-esteem, our respect and everything that we haveî. If the mad doc had pulled his finger out and actually took a look at the game, then he would realise it was a line referring to a rival gang that happens to be comprised of Haitians, not that all Haitians in games should be killed. So once again a group of activists fail to see the funny side and get all huffed and puffed over something fictional. Its only a game for christ sake!

Of course, Rockstar is refusing to comment and will no doubt be chuffed from the publicity the game is earning, good or bad.

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