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Why we’re looking forward to July

July’s a time where many of us in the U.S. look forward to barbecues and fireworks. However, this July is looking to be a promising one for all gamers, with a nurturing harvest of new releases, DLC, and the countdown to this year’s Comic-Con. Here are some of the things that have us at Thunderbolt lying eagerly in wait.

Stew Chyou, Staff Writer

Fallout: New Vegas – Old World Blues

Dead Money was a hard pill to swallow, choking out various couriers in the process, and Honest Hearts, well, sucked. That’s two strikes for Obsidian. And here comes the third pitch: Old World Blues. Though the DLC was originally given a June release date, it’s been pushed back to July 19, 2011. The release of the behind the scenes trailer implies that this time the devs have properly put on their thinking caps and will be providing us with the expansive adventure we deserve. That, or it’s a cry for attention. Either way, I know I’m looking forward to hearing how Veronica Belmont will be bringing sexy back to the Mojave. Mmmm…Veronica. The hell was I looking forward to again?

Mortal Kombat – Kenshi and Rain DLC

Definitely excited to see how these two characters will fare with the reboot’s kombat system. One, a blind, telekinetic swordsman whose credibility was buried under heaps of shoddy pre-2011 gameplay. The other, an unfortunate design, originating from his creators’ poor choices in pop-culture references, who could never make up his mind on whether to drown, electrocute, or super roundhouse his opponents. With the current fighting engine’s undeniable sincerity, it will be quite the spectacle witnessing how these two zeroes will become heroes.

Shane Ryan, Staff Writer


Serious Sam: Double D

Part of Croteam’s Serious Sam Indie Series, Serious Sam: Double D had me sold at the first mention of ‘gun-stacking’. Fed up with only carrying two weapons? Well Serious Sam doesn’t muck about when it comes to serious fire-power. And there’s no better way to take out those alien gits then stack two rocket launchers, a tommy gun, a pistol, and one shotgun for those close encounters, all linked to one trigger. Click and boom.

Calvin Kemph, Senior Staff Writer



It’s difficult to put into words the reasons I’m excited for Catherine. It looks like a complete departure from everything we have come to expect from the Persona team, seems to have a somewhat interesting plot, and I’m all for mixing things up with an intensely difficult block puzzler every now and then. It’s the kind of game that has me reflecting on the rest of the year and feeling a bit apathetic.

Ms. Splosion Man

The first Splosion Man remains one of the best platforming titles I’ve played in years. I would’ve said it’s this generation’s Sonic… but after finishing Sonic 4: Episode 1, the truth is it’s far better. In this follow-up, there looks to be an increased focus in bringing in some of the best aspects of other ‘90s platformers as well, such as Super Mario Bros. 3’s level-select hub and alternative level exits. Plus, it still has all the FMV hilarity we’ve come to expect from Twisted Pixel.

Sean Kelley, Associate Editor


Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception multiplayer Beta

With Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, Naughty Dog wanted to see how multiplayer might work within their new IP. As much a singleplayer adventure game as it was a third-person shooter, Drake’s Fortune was mostly concerned with drenching players in its lush atmosphere and rekindling that sense of wonder that most gamers have missed – multiplayer wasn’t even on our minds. Drake’s Deception, Nathan Drake’s upcoming PlayStation 3 outting, makes multiplayer a focus, and it all starts with this Beta. While technically starting a few days ago, the meat of the Beta falls into July and opens up to a wider audience on July 5th. Running for three weeks, players will be able to sample a smattering of multiplayer game types across three maps. Different stretches during the Beta’s run will offer new experiences, but I’m looking forward to seeing the new ‘Power Plays’ – minute long rule changes that give the losing team a chance – and three team deathmatches, which should add some new flavor to Uncharted’s already impressive multiplayer suite.

Any happenings in July that has your nerdgasms on high? Feel free to share in the comments below!

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