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What We’re Playing – October 14th

The weekend is upon us and it’s time to play some videogames. Here are a few games we’ve been playing away from the office this week. What’s on your agenda? Share what you’re playing!

Resistance 3
Calvin Kemph


Resistance 3 is something of a return to the big-gun loving era of the ’90s which seems to be the driving inspiration for its core concept. The execution is largely impressive with its dense, heavily atmospheric backdrops and sense for simple-minded shooting fun.

A few hours in and I’m already well impressed by the game’s epic human confrontation against Some Aliens. While I find the game’s setting highly immersive and its absurdly large weaponry especially inviting, over the course of the game I’m filled with a peculiar sadness that Insomniac – the game’s developers – couldn’t be working on something as lovely in color and wholesomely good-natured as some of their past work. Nonetheless, I’m having a good enough time with Resistance 3 and fully appreciate the expertly realized world building.

Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition
Stew Chyou


I’m still not a fan of the online play, but that doesn’t mean I should slack. Most of my time spent with this game involves practicing my execution and combos in training mode. Currently I’ve been working that magic with Ken Masters and Akuma.

I really hope a patch gets released soon as I would love to spend more time online playing against a plethora of players. Not mentioning the lag, the online 3s community is filled with a lot of talent worth sinking my teeth into. Note to self: must remember to record more of my online matches, especially against Sean Kelley, so that perhaps I can start showing readers the ropes on how Team Thunderbolt does business.

Eternal Legacy
Joe Santiago


An RPG for the iPad with modern, free roaming 3D graphics, voice acting, story, and Final Fantasy hair, all for 99 cents? Okay App Store, I’ll bite. I’ve been looking for a game exactly like this since I purchased an iPad. Sure, I could go for Square Enix’s Final Fantasy III, which is sure to have high production values, but also comes with a premium $16 price tag. Mobile game giant Gameloft has delivered what I want for a tablet game at a price I’m willing to pay.

Eternal Legacy has so far been a surprisingly pleasant experience. It appears to borrow heavily from the Final Fantasy series in terms of design and game play. You control your character using the on-screen joystick while manipulating the camera and making on-screen decisions with your free hand. This works quite well at replicating the dual analog-stick control scheme of console RPGs. The touchscreen also lends itself quite well during battles because you can touch the menu options rather than scroll through a huge list. The graphics aren’t quite as shiny as Infinity Blade or other big budget iPad titles, but they certainly aren’t bad. My biggest worry is that the voice acting is going to be over-dramatic and cringe-worthy. Definitely a headphones-only affair!

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