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What We’re Playing – June 24

The weekend is upon us and it’s time to play some videogames. Here are a few games that we’ll be playing away from the office this weekend. What’s on your agenda? Share what you’re playing!

Duke Nukem Forever
Calvin Kemph


So, I bet on Duke and picked up the Balls of Steel edition. I’ve just completed the game, and as the credits rolled, they brought with them a sense of closure. It’s OK to move on from Duke now, I’ve realized. There’s no longer that constant question of ‘what would it be like if they finished Duke Nukem Forever?’ It’s a done deal. While it no longer feels as special or surreal as I hoped it would when placing my pre-order, I’ve seen this through, and that’s all I needed. After the credits wrapped up, I jumped into multiplayer and felt completely caught off guard. Structurally it feels more dated than the multiplayer from Duke 3D and there’s honestly little about it that feels special anymore. I’ve been struggling to find full matches, yet I have realized that this too is OK. Duke Nukem Forever is done and I can move on and focus on modern first person shooters now. Although it might not have been everything I wanted, I’m still glad that 2K saw this through. It’s the prolonged end of an era for videogames. And now we can move forward.

L.A Noire
Richard Murphy


Killing time in L.A. Noire is not a hugely satisfying distraction. I’ve decided to collect as many of the vintage automobiles as my patience will allow. I ended the campaign having found over fifty and that was without even trying, so surely this should be a breeze I thought; just like Pokémon for the bearded classic car enthusiast. Sadly, the designers of 1947 motorcars did not think it overtly prudent to vary the designs of the bodywork on their vehicles, so my endeavour is slowly grinding to a crunching halt. I have found all of the special cars and most of the stand out vehicles (fire engine, ambulance, etc.) but the subtle nuances between a 1946 Lincoln Continental and a 1947 Oldsmobile S98 Convertible have sadly evaded me. Am I about to give up? Damn right I’m about to give up! I just downloaded inFAMOUS for nothing on the PlayStation Network; there are no identical 1940s vehicles to differentiate between but I can fire lightning bolts out of my hands and pretend I’m Thor or something. Videogames occasionally have a great way of telling me that it’s the simple things that make the difference sometimes.

Resident Evil 5
Joe Santiago


Claim to shame: somehow I have managed to not play Resident Evil 5 to this day, so I’m putting a stop to this immediately. Chris, Sheva and I have been trudging through the devastated African wilderness for a few hours now. I’m still thrown off by how bright and not-in-a-creepy-mansion the game has been so far, but I can see how silly I was for initially dismissing the game all those years ago. This is still a Resident Evil game, there are still hordes of abominations wanting me dead and the survival aspect of the series is definitely there in spades. I do feel like they’re aiming more towards third person shooter than survival-horror, but the game is good fun nonetheless. I love the attention to detail and the lush, yet frightening environments. I really don’t like the inventory system. An egg really shouldn’t take up as much space as an assault rifle. I’d love to try out co-op after I complete the story. I’d also love to not get eaten by giant zombie alligators, but I clearly ask for too much.

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