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What Microsoft wants


There seems to be some concern over Microsoft’s Xbox One announcement. Some people appear bewildered by the focus on ‘entertainment’, not ‘gaming’. They shouldn’t be. Let me explain.

Microsoft wants your money.

To get that, they want as much of you and your family’s time and attention as possible.

They want to be the default choice for entertainment in your living room.

When you want to play a game, they want you to pick the Xbox One. When you want to watch a movie with your other half, they want you to choose the Xbox One. When you want to watch the NFL, they want you to do it on the Xbox One.

Microsoft wants your living room and in most cases, they need more than just you to get it.

They need you to convince everyone else in the room that for whatever entertainment they need, the Xbox One is the best choice. They need you as their Trojan horse to capture the living room.

They need you and that means that they need games.

Without games, they can’t convince anyone to put a Microsoft device under their TV. Without you, without games, they have nothing.

That’s why the Xbox One is a spec-heavy monster. That’s why they’re investing heavily in games. That’s why they still care.

So don’t worry. Sit back and enjoy the next generation of console gaming.

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