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Warren Spector to develop next Tomb Raider?

Eidos have scoffed at rumours that Ion Storm designer Warren Spector – of Ultima and Deus Ex fame – will take charge of the next Tomb Raider game in conjunction with Crystal Dynamics.

After Brit developer Core Design were shockingly dropped from the Tomb Raider series, after coding all of the series’ six instalments, publishers Eidos decided to continue the game under the wing of their in-house studio. However, rumours currently doing the rounds suggest that Spector has also been roped in to take charge of the project.

However, when we spoke to Eidos, they categorically stated that there is no foundation to such speculation and that the gossip probably stems from the regular development committee meetings that the company holds during which project leaders discuss each other’s games.

Core Design lost Tomb Raider development duties last year following the debacle surrounding the massively delayed Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness, which was originally due out for Christmas 2002 but eventually went on sale seven months later, only to be met with an overwhelmingly poor critical reception.

Eidos have yet to announce any firm details surrounding the seventh Tomb Raider, although we do know that it is due to be released during the financial year ending 30 June 2005.

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